New Season New You!

Join Kristin Swim, Nutritional Therapist, for a Spring Cleanse

Spring is a time of change, new life, and new beginnings. It’s the perfect time to shed toxins and lighten your load. Nourish yourself with the 21-day Whole Food Cleanse.

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This 21 day, nutrient-dense, whole food cleanse with Nutritional Therapist, Kristin Swim, will give your body the tools to remove toxins, and improve digestion, gut health, and immune function. Join a supportive group to make the changes your body is craving.

The cleanse includes weekly meal plans and shopping lists to take the guesswork out of how to eat healthy. There will be weekly ZOOM calls with a different focus each week.

START DATES: April 10 or April 24
COST: $250 (plus tax) or Scholarship

Kristin Swim, NTP

Nutritional Therapy & Lifestyle Coaching
Autoimmune Protocol Certified Coach

[email protected]

The Whole Food Cleanse

A 21-day Transformation to a Healthier Lifestyle

The Whole Food Cleanse is a 21-day program that nourishes your body with nutrient dense, delicious, real food. Transform to a healthier way of eating so you can feel your best. Most cleanses use calorie restriction and extreme dietary changes to accomplish quick results, but the truth is, these options leave you hungry, grumpy and without lasting changes.

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The whole food cleanse takes the guesswork out of what to eat with meal plans, recipes and support so you don’t have to spend time figuring out what to eat.

If you feel sluggish, bloated, have brain fog, skin or sleep issues, or simply want to move to a healthier way of living, this cleanse is for you. The Whole Food Cleanse will help regulate your metabolism, improve immune function and mental clarity.

By removing inflammatory foods and eating nutrient dense whole foods, you will empower your body to detoxify, regulate energy while healing your gut, and improving immune function.